I wear many nouns: fiction writer, playwright, memoirist, folklorist, actor, teacher, arts producer, and director. Involvement in all the arts forms inform the others. I learn whenever I teach. I learn whenever I work in a theatrical ensemble. I am usually working on more than one project simultaneously. Thanks for visiting.


On May 17, 2022, my MSN account was hacked and is locked. Please use profkimberleylynne@gmail.com to contact me.

I just finished grading for the spring semester of rhetorical composition at MERVO and Baltimore Leadership School and literary criticism at Stevenson University. This summer I teach creative writing online at SU and graduate screenwriting to University of Baltimore MFA candidates.

In December 2021, I co-produced and co-directed Fells Point Corner Theatre’s holiday celebration, A Corner Carol. In April 2022, I directed one of the shorts in FPCT’s 10×10 show, ‘Shrooms, by Rich Pauli and featuring hilarious Holly Gibbs, Nate Krimmel and John Digham. Ticket information at FPCT site https://www.fpct.org


Mom passed in June 2020, and due to COVID restrictions, we celebrated her life in memorial in October 2021. Around the same time, the Baltimore Fishbowl published a short memoir piece of mine, The Sisters of the Pantry Pride, about our 1970s adventures, that I also used as her eulogy. She lived life to the fullest.


In April 2020, I conducted three grief workshops with powerhouse poet Gayle Danley via the Enoch Pratt Library and CityLit Festival. We used writing as a process to sort thorough the muck of grief. Baltimore Magazine featured the story.

I’ve re-keyed my old screenplay, Next Door, about the mud monster drowning people in their basements across Baltimore and my theatrical play, The Return of the 5th Sister, as a screenplay. I intend to revise my romance novel, Night Narrative. I’m also working on a new screenplay, The Corn Promise.

Fall 2020, The Parlor Thespians hosted a reading of The Docents. It was good to revisit that old friend. I transformed that story of the protection of art during war from a stage play to a screenplay.

Some writing thoughts:

For the five summers from 2012-2016, I taught American students playwriting in Northern Ireland. Thanks to funding from UB Foundation, filmmaker Peter Salisbury created a trailer from AP15.

Judith Krummeck of WBJC interviewed me about my play production, The Benefactor. Follow the link to hear Judith’s amazing bell-like tone.

Dramatist Guild representative Brent Englar interviewed me in the DG magazine July/August issue National Reports section. DramMagJuly15Article

Contact: profkimberleylynne@gmail.com

Below, Kelsey Magrath in Siren’s Call, John Hewitt International Summer School Festival, July 2013, Armagh, Northern Ireland.


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