I write in different forms. I find that putting your creative energy into a differently shaped box sparks and enlivens it.

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was nine. I’ve been acting since I was twelve. When I turned thirty, I noticed that all my poetry was transcribed conversations, and finally mixed together writing and theater. I love process and adore rehearsal. To see a list of my produced dramatic work, click here.


Courtney Proctor, Katie O., Amanda Rife and Danielle Robinette in Stillpointe Theatre Initiative’s production of The Return of the 5th Sister

In 2008, the Dorchester Arts Council commissioned me to write a ghost walking tour for the city of Cambridge on the Eastern Shore, and, out of that, grew my ghost folklore book, Dredging the Choptank. I scattered in my friends’ real phantom tales throughout the soggy Dorchester myth.

I wrote short story in college and returned to the form when I was in University of Baltimore’s MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Design. I liked stretching back into prose after twenty years of playwriting. My thesis was a collection of short stories that all take place in my Baltimore neighborhood of Hamilton. To see my book options, click here.

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